After extensive research and prototyping Grizzly Shooters Accessories (Pty) Ltd is proud to announce the launch of the GRIZZLY SCOPE SLEEVE at Huntex in April 2013.


The scope sleeve is locally manufactured of high quality neoprene and laminated with lycra which will absorb shock and moisture while protecting your scope from bumps, scratches, dust and dirt. The product caters for scopes in all categories of shooting which includes air soft, tactical, combat, law enforcement, hunting silhouette and target shooting and is available in various sizes and colours to accommodate and protect your scope while in use or locked away. The scope sleeve easily slips on and off your scope due to the stretch of the neoprene. Simplicity, yet outstanding quality makes this product a must have for any shooter that uses a scope.


Scopes are not just accessories in today’s world. We carefully choose the exact scope we need in order to achieve our desired results and expectations in the field of shooting we participate in. After all, the scope’s performance is just as important as the performance of the weapon it is mounted on. We also invest a great deal of money to make sure optimal optical results are achieved. In many cases the cost of the chosen scope exceeds the cost of the weapon. At the end of the day this is an investment that needs to last a lifetime, which means it needs to be protected. This is the exact reason why we are introducing the scope sleeve to you as a shooter, to protect your investment.


An additional benefit is that it is an independent product range which can be used to protect any make of scope due to the fact that it only carries the “GRIZZLY” brand, which does not interfere with the actual make of the scope. But, custom branding can be done and works exceptionally well when scope manufacturers, distributors or retail outlets want to run a promotion by having their logo on the scope sleeve. This can of course be done for shooting days or competitions, shooting clubs and teams, corporate hunting trips, sponsorships and law enforcement.


Exciting new products that will be available soon includes ammo belts, butt stock ammo sleeves and countertop mats (for showing and demonstrating of firearms and accessories or to be used as a base on which to clean firearms), to mention but a few.

Protect your optics from the elements – Choose GRIZZLY SCOPE SLEEVE